The God of In-Between

A mother/daughter chamber musical written with the composer Howard Fishman. Workshopped at the Playwrights Realm in New York City. Songs from the show have been performed at Joe’s Pub in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

*     *     *     *

After her husband’s death a little more than a year ago, Evelyn and her daughter Meg move in together to support each other. Both remain wayward. Meg, a recent college grad, is stuck in a dead-end job and hanging out in her old bedroom while her friends move on with their lives. Evelyn is preoccupied with signs that her husband might be trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave. Faced with an opportunity to leave, Meg must decide where her loyalties lie. Can she leave her mom to fend for herself, even though her mom is struggling? In turn, Evelyn has to decide whether to let her daughter go, even though she needs her around. At its core, the play asks what responsibility we have to stand with each other, when standing with each other gets in the way, and what it means to let go.

Two songs from the show performed at Joe’s Pub.

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