Shake and Be Saved!

“Dr. Strangelove for the Trumpian Age.” 4M, 2W. Staged at the Greenhouse New Play Festival, HotCity Theatre, St. Louis; workshopped by The Playwrights Realm in New York City.

*     *     *     *

Had enough of being scared? Benson sure has, and he’s dedicated his company to eradicating terror from the nation.

After five years of research he’s finally done it. By bonding medication to simple table salt, all people have to do now is shake some on their food and voila! They’ll be protected from the greatest threats they face! Biological attacks. Dirty bombs. Both Zika and their fear of Zika. As well as the occasional spiritual ennui. People don’t have to rely on their instinct for self-preservation anymore. They don’t have to do much of anything. Salting fries has become a patriotic act.

An hour before the product launch, Benson finds his dad unconscious, holding a half-eaten deviled egg and one of his salt shakers. It seems that Benson’s new Patriotic Salt has an unfortunate side effect, and he has less than an hour to figure out what’s wrong before the product is released to the public.

Shake and Be Saved! is a farce about our dysfunctional government, nymphomania, and God. A Dr. Strangelove for the Trumpian Age.

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